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SRI LANKA Volunteer Activities

On this day today, the 4th of February 2020 we conducted our first program specifically for children on behalf of the UNWPA.it was held at Ragama,Dambawa village  which is almost  20 km away from Colombo, the Capital of the country.   There were about 30 children who enthusiastically attended the program which was conducted by two pre school teachers and myself , who previously had  undergone training on the field of LEARNING FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL  DEVELOPMENT.   Most of the children who participated were between 12 to 17 years old . The main activities  conducted provided children with the  insight on the topic of  “WHO AM I?”….   furthermore,  we  used the tool name ‘River of life’ to remind them how they reached the current  level they are in their lives, focusing on  the barriers and obstacles they had to overcome along the way  and  also their achievments…up to now….
‘ I am so surprised that i have come so far .when i turn back,now i can see how many problems and hardships i had to endure…but…i was able to. overcome those barriers.today..by doing this exercise only i realized about my journey
*one girl stated that  happily … after they drew ‘River of Life”. even some small kids who came with their brothers and sisters joined with them to draw LIFE JOURNY.*
” we  were just living for the sake of it , we never turned back to see what we  had really achieved in life, to notice who helped us become the people we are, and also to recognize the  mistakes we did ,and the obstacles /challenges we had to overcome along the way ..But..through this program i was able to refocus on my future … And my goals in life…too,i really enjoyed this program,’ it was another comment by a participant…
Suprisingly even the smallest of the children in the group enjoyed drawing ..
Before we started the program  exercises were  done ,in order for the children to become both  physically and mentally relaxed  and corresponding to this procedure, the topic of  self  introduction was done through a game…  During the program each one of the children were able to  express their future ambitions…
*Our children spend their time only for educational supportive classes and when have free time just sit near the Television and watch tele dramas… they never got an oppertunity to attend any workshops which help them to be creative…i am thankful to UNWPA and we kindly request you to come up with    more programs  for our children. . mother of a participent commented  .        It was a meaningful time for the children and also they enjoyed it very much by work as a team as well as individual.  We provided them snacks and stationaries which needed for the program.   Special thanks go to Mrs.Merlyn Murin a head pre school teacher and Life skill children program conductor. As well as Mrs.Priyanka Ponweera who supported to organize the program and provided her pre school permises without any hesitation and supported as facilitators .
– Sandya Jaya

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